Scholar and Author – Yahya Amjad


Yahya Amjad (1943 – 1998) was a thoughtful and progressive critic, scholar, and author. His most famous book is “History of Pakistan” in two volumes, which became extremely popular in academic and literary circles. He translated Chairman Mao’s Poetry into Urdu. Moreover, he wrote a book of critical essays, “Fun aur Faislay,” and a selection of the poetry of Asghar Gondvi, which he considered to be the best. Also, he edited the poetic work of his father, “Sarmad Mazahri.”

Early Life

Yahya Amjad was an eminent writer and a great critic. He was born on May 9, 1943, in Kundian, Mianwali, a district of Punjab. He hailed from a well-educated family with his parents and four siblings. Besides, he was the second child and eldest son of his parents; he always cared for his siblings and helped them in every walk of life. As a child, he discovered his love of books, reading, and a great interest in history. From his childhood, he had a deep interest in literature and poetry.


His father, Abdul Hakim Sarmad, was a distinguished poet and thinker of his time. His mother was a devoted wife and a loving mother.

Married Life

Yahya Amjad got married to Zarina Khan in 1970. They had four children, two daughters and two sons.

Education and Career

Yahya Amjad passed his matriculation examination in 1959 from Millat High School with the highest grades. Later, he graduated from Punjab University, Lahore, in 1963. Yahya Amjad stood first in Urdu and received a Gold medal. Then, he went on to earn his postgraduate in Urdu from the Punjab University, Lahore.

In 1967 he appeared for the CSS exam and successfully passed it. As a result, he became Executive Officer in Import & Exports in Lahore. Subsequently, he was appointed as follows:

1. Assistant Controller Import & Exports

2. Deputy Controller Imports & Exports

3. Deputy Director Export Promotion Bureau, Lahore

4. Deputy Director Export Promotion Bureau, Faisalabad

5. Deputy Director, Textile Quota Management, Faisalabad.


Yahya Amjad worked for an organization for six years and published two literary magazines, “Dastak” and “Muntakhib Adab-o-fun.” Both were in Urdu and Punjabi languages and soon became popular in the country. The organization published seven magazine volumes and stopped them for unknown reasons.

Major Work on the History of Pakistan

Yahya Amjad’s most monumental work is on the History of Pakistan. He published two books on Pakistan’s history.
1: Tareekh-e-Pakistan (Qadeem Daur)
2: Tareekh-e-Pakistan (Wasti Ahad).
The two volumes of History of Pakistan cover Pakistan’s pre-history details, from how the universe and life on Earth started until 16th century.

Sudden Death of a Great Scholar and Author

Yahya Amjad’s health started declining in May 1997. The doctors diagnosed him with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He was on treatment at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital for nine months but could not survive the deadly disease and died on January 5, 1998, at 55 years. Due to the untimely death of an eminent scholar and author Yahya Amjad, his work on Pakistan’s History remained incomplete.